All ships are custom made to best meet our clients’ needs.

The Amphibious Track Machine conceived by Navalu are adequate for places and roadways difficult to access (mud, silt, sand…).

Ideal to ride on bumpy terrain and to navigate, the amphibian vessels have two crawlers and they have a useful load capacity of 800 kg (close to 1,800 lbs.).

They were conceived for trades requiring access to places where a vehicle of this size could not otherwise go, thanks to their big wheels.


What are the characteristics of a Navalu Amphibious Track Machine?
  • 4m (over 4 yds. x 1.90m (over 2 yds.)
  • 500 mm (almost 20-in.) crawlers
  • Wheels turning by Poclain hydraulic motors
  • 50 CV diesel motor
  • Rear cage for a spare motor
  • Useful load capacity of 800 kg (close to 1,800 lbs.)
  • 2 speeds
What are the main advantages of an Amphibious Track Machine?
  • Compact
  • It goes everywhere
  • All-purpose transport (road, land, sand, sea, silt..)
  • Can move in places which are difficult to access