shellfish ships

To reply to the demand of these professions, NAVALU‘s catalogue features a broad choice of shellfish ships:

Our shellfish ships bring together all activities dealing with breeding in continental or marine waters in order to improve production, implying individual or judicial possession of shellfish farming stocks.

The ships are built custom made according to the client’s needs, while complying with security standards, as required by the maritime authorities.

Shellfish farming includes raising different marine species: mussels, clams, cockles, etc, as well as oyster farming.

F.A.Q. Shellfish farmers

Why do we build ships out of aluminium?

Aluminium is a high-quality material which is 100% recyclable. It respects the welding protocol with a clean and attractive finishing. It’s also a material which resists corrosion.

In what time frame can we build a shellfish ship?

Between 6 and 12 months, depending on the dimensions and the equipment requested by the client.