To meet the needs of our clientele, Navalu’s catalogue features several types of Amphibian, Passenger Ships.

The amphibian boat is a boat on wheels, going on land and sea.

This technology enables you to drive your boat directly from your home up to the ramp to put it to sea or to an unboarding dock.

This all-purpose ship was made for passenger transportation.

Thanks to its big wheels (diameter 1650) and its motorised 4 wheel drive with hydraulic power steering, it can go from land to sea, whatever the depth of the seabed.

These amphibians are at the heart of Navalu’s shipyard as they meet BV standards for the vessel’s structure.


Quelles sont les caractéristiques types des Chalands Amphibies ?
  • AG 4 5083 and 5086 aluminium hull and superstructure
  • Length HT: 11.00 metres (over 12 yds.)
  • Width HT: 3.20 metres (almost 3½ yds.)
  • Depth 0.70 metres (approximately ¾ yd.)
  • Tanks: 2×42 litres (over 9 gal.) petrol / 1×42 litres diesel
  • 1 (one) 140 CV diesel motor to feed the hydraulic circuit
  • 2 (two) 150 CV outboard motors for navigation
  • 3 retractable wheels activated hydraulically
  • Front port for boarding passengers
  • Double bridge control (navigation and road)
Quels sont les points fort des Chalands Amphibies ?
  • A low draught when they carry a maximum load (-0.7 metre, i.e. about 1 ft.)
  • Big wheels to go on silt and sand.
  • Motorised 3 or 4 drive wheels and 1 or 2 wheels to steer the craft
  • BV certified structure, along with comfort
  • All-purpose transport (asphalt, land, sand and sea)
  • Autonomy to perform all these means of transportation
  • Big loading capacity
  • Very good stability