Our barges are conceived to have a working and storage deck surface of up to 12 metres long and up to 6 metres (over 6½ yds.) wide, to meet the user’s needs.

Very stable and solid, these unsinkable boats (8 to 10 watertight tanks) can navigate with very little water and they can support a deck load of up to 30 tonnes.


They are made of a central barge and two mobile floaters.

As such, dismantled, the ships can be easily loaded onto a lorry to go from one shipyard to the next while respecting highway traffic constraints.


Work barges are at the heart of Navalu’s shipyard as they meet BV standards for the vessel’s structure.

Our range of barges can be used with equal efficiency for work in harbours, in rivers and for work under water.

All our ships are custom made to best meet our clients’ needs.

They can be equipped with:

  • an anti-slipping deck,
  • hydraulic picks for stability during activities,
  • a crane adapted to needs of handling and work,
  • a winch adapted to traction needs,
  • a front port for loading and unloading vehicles…


What are the characteristics of a dismountable barge built for works?

  • AG 4 5083 and 5086 aluminium hull and superstructure
  • Length HT: 5.500 to 12.000 metres (approximately 6 to over 13 yds.)
  • Width HT: 2.200 to 6.000 metres (almost 2½ to over 6½ yds.)
  • Depth: 0.800 to 1.200 metres (almost 1 yd.)
  • Motor: 1 x HB 250CV (184KW) max or 2 x 250CV (2x184KW) max
  • Group: Hydraulic Diesel
  • Crane: Up to 10 tonnes/metre
  • Crew: Up to 12 persons
  • Cargo: Up to 30 tonnes

What are the main advantages of a dismountable barge made for works?

  • Minimal draught
  • Big load capacity
  • Very good stability
  • Simple to use and upkeep is easy
  • 30 years of experience in the construction of these units.