To meet our clientele’s needs, Navalu’s catalogue features several types of conventional passenger ships.

Passenger ships are boats – big or small – or even smaller vessels whose main function is to transport passengers and pedestrians, be it to cross a river, a sea or a bay, or for tourism.

They can be motorized with in-board propulsions, out-board propulsions and/or zero emissions.

Profiles can be monohulls or multihulls.

Navalu builds passenger ships up to 24 metres long.


Why build ships out of aluminium?

Aluminium is a high-quality material which is 100% recyclable. It respects the welding protocol with a clean and attractive finishing. It’s also a material which resists corrosion.

What are the main advantages of passenger ships?
  • A low draught when the load is maximal (-0.7 metre, i.e. a little more than 2 ft.)
  • Big wheels to move the boat on silt and sand
  • 3 or 4 wheels with motorized power and 1 or 2 wheels to steer the craft
  • BV certified structure, along with comfort
  • ALL-PURPOSE for transport (road, land, sand and sea)
  • Autonomy to perform all these means of transportation
  • Big capacity for boarding
  • Very good stability
What is the time frame for building passenger boats?

The time frame for building passenger boats can vary between 10 and 18 months depending on the dimensions and the equipment requested when the order is placed.