Navibus is one of the boat-buses, also called passenger boats, which offer a service similar to the network of urban buses.

Navibus is the name of the commercial service offering rapid river boats used for public transport in the Nantes Metropolitan Region. Launched in 2005, this service has now been extended to three regular lines: two on the Loire River and one on the Erdre River.

Navibus is the first hydrogen boat authorised for European navigation.

A small hydrogen river boat which can board 12 passengers and 10 bicycles.

Navibus has 2 fuel-driven batteries which transform the hydrogen into electricity, with a power equivalent to 2 x 5KW.


What are the characteristics of Navibus?
  • Length: 10.40m (over 11 yds.)
  • Width: 3.80m (over 4 yds.)
  • Draught: 0.53m (over ½ yd.)
  • Navigation: on the Erdre River
  • Form of hull: Float
  • Capacity: 25 passengers
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Access: Accessible from PMR
  • H2 integration tanks: Installation and integration
  • Storage: 10kg (over 22 lbs.) maximum
  • Propulsion: Hydrogen (installation and integration of the system)
  • Battery: fuel-based 2x5kw
  • Regulations: Follow-up on National (DDTM) and European (CCNR) certification