They will save you time at work despite the tide.

When the water level is still too high to manœuvre with a traditional tractor and trailer, the Floating Trailer is complementary equipment, the ideal solution.

Conceived as a half-way solution between a barge and a trailer, it meets the needs of oyster farmers to perfection.

The configuration of the trailer may be modified in order to meet users’ needs.

However, these floating trailers do not require a special licence and are not authorised for navigation or for highway traffic. As such, they cannot be considered as crafts.


What is the time frame to build Floating Trailers?

The time frame to build them can vary between 3 and 5 months according to the order.

What are the main advantages of Floating Trailers?
  • Maximal deck working surface
  • Low draught
  • Big loading capacity on wheels and when navigating
  • System of hydraulic wheels which facilitate lifting
  • Hydraulic system connected directly to the tractor
  • Can easily be manipulated as soon as it’s in water
  • Mobile jib