Navalu develops and builds trailers, an indispensable tool in shellfish farming. Built of aluminium, they enable a gain in weight, offering longer lifespan than steel, and reducing both time and cost of upkeep for the user.

All trailers are built in the dimensions requested by the user, taking into consideration the inherent constraints (narrow road, height of load, loading capacity…).

The configuration is adjustable depending on specific requirements and enables us to best meet the user’s needs.   


What is the time frame to build platform trailers?

The time frame to build them can vary between 3 and 5 months according to the order.

What are the main advantages of platform trailers?
  • With or without front/rear mobile rambades
  • Single or double axles
  • Type of metal
  • Size of the wheels
  • Lateral piles
  • Crane…