Equipped aluminium Platforms depending on the needs of shellfish farmers (oyster farmers, mussel breeders, fishermen …)

The Platforms are built custom made, respecting the safety rules and the regulations of the maritime authorities.

Their dimensions can vary between 6 m (over 6½ yds.) and 9 m long (close to 10 yds.), for a width of 1.80 m low (close to 2 yds.) / 2.20 m high (close to 2½ yds.), with a depth of 0.70 m (over 2 ft. to 0.80 m (close to 2½ ft.), according to the client’s needs.


The form of their flat bottom underwater hull enables the vessel to move in very little water, and to be able to run aground easily and safely.

These solid constructions with their double bottom can transport by ladles or by container between 750 kg (over 1,650 lbs.) and to 2 tonnes of products (or more, depending on the order).


What are the characteristics of the Platform version?
  • 1 hold in front (mooring buoy) (baille à mouillage)
  • 1 hold in back (battery and safety material)
  • Outboard motor cage with a manual winch
  • 3 mooring bitts (1 in front and 2 in the back)
  • 2 protection anodes
What are the options on the Platforms?
  • Motor bridge control
  • Emergency motor cage