Floating preserves enable the storage of shellfish in the sea (oysters, mussels…). They’re accessible during both high tide and low tide. They enable you to supply your clients even when the incoming tide only provides a low level of water on the coast.

Storage is done in suspension and benefits from the movement of waves and of the swell. The preserves favour the oxygenation of shellfish, thus assuring their conservation until shipping.

The floating cages which are in fact breeding zones are calculated (structure and floatability) depending on your needs:

The load desired (number of containers and the type of shellfish)

Size of the containers and how many there are

Its solid fabrication in aluminium enables it to hold big loads, not to mention the continual movement of the sea, while guaranteeing optimal storage of your shellfish.

Floating preserves are equipped with mobile rambades, bitts and mooring plates.


Quel délai pour la fabrication des viviers ou cages flottants ?

The time frame can vary between 1 and 2 months according to the order.

What are the main advantages of preserves and floating cages?

Adapted to meet the needs of this type of culture:

  • Superstructure
  • Cages for storing lanterns
  • Frame to lift the lanterns
  • Manual lifting winch for cages